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9Marks Explained : A Letter From Mark Dever

Are You Really a Christian?


Are you really a Christian?

Goodness, that's a tough question to pose to someone who professes to be a believer. And handing them Mike McKinley's book Am I Really a Christian? can amount to that very thing.

I would not encourage you to knock on the door of every nominal believer you know and hand them this book, but can you think of one person who might be ready to RE-consider that question? Here's an encouraging story I received this weekend from a pastor:

Last night we had the privilege of baptizing Anne. Anne grew up in a legalistic church. In college, she was a diligent student but got caught up in the college scene and, having never truly trusted in Christ, fell into immorality. 
However, during the summer of 2011, she came to DC to do a summer internship on the Hill. While there, she lived with her brother and attended your church. She was struck by how many people she saw worshipping Christ, loving the gospel, and truly living for their faith. It was the first time she heard the gospel faithfully taught and applied.
Here's where 9Marks comes in: when she left at the end of the summer, her brother gave her a copy of Am I Really a Christian? by Mike McKinley. Initially, Anne was frustrated with her brother, because she assumed she was a Christian, and she refused to give the book a look. But over Christmas break her mind changed. Intent upon proving him wrong, she read the book and realized she wasn't truly following Christ. 
For some time she wrestled with the reality that she had no desire for Christ. But after much prayer and pleading from her brother and his wife, Anne ended up coming to our little church plant that her brother had found on the 9Marks Church Search map.  After a few weeks of attending our church, Anne emailed me to get together to talk about "the process of true conversion and repentance."

I know you see the gospel change people's hearts regularly, but if you're like me, your heart breaks for those who hear the good news of Jesus Christ and walk away seemingly unchanged. I just wanted to let you know how God used your church, 9Marks, and Mike McKinley's book to lead one home that may have appeared to get away. 

Can you think of just one friend who would benefit from Am I Really a Christian?