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9Marks Explained : A Letter From Mark Dever

Black Church White Church


Great new song by The Voice (Curtis Allen). Listen to it over at JTs. The lyrics are prophetic:

Black Church White Church
Black church white church,
they might really be a nice church,
but we don’t think they the right church,
so we don’t associate with the white church.
Even though things might work,
their music is different,
they just too business.
They don’t got emotion where is the shouting,
their rhythms off beat we can do without them.
Plus we just different cultures,
and I don’t trust white folks they can be vultures.
Always telling someone how to live,
I think they racists they don’t play with our kids.
Why we gotta be in the same church anyway
I would choose our preaching anyday.
We got good music we have church here,
we sang so they can’t hang here.
But we not racist
we just think we should meet in different places.
Yeah I work with them won’t go to church with them
yeah friends with them that’s where it ends with them.
I’m real I don’t pretend with them,
it aint like I gotta be best friends with them.
I’m just stating fact,
and that’s where I’m at
so what’s wrong with that? THAT!
White Church black church,
we can’t recommend that church
But we would love to see them at church.
With us here yeah that works.
But we ain’t trying to go over there,
those people different but we still care.
From a distance we’ll be polite,
but if they came here it would alright.
Cuz we think they don’t preach the gospel,
or they just not theological.
Unorganized real needy,
teaching’s topical emotion is their gospel.
So we’ll stay segregated,
even though we next door,and hope that they make it.
We ain’t judging them
we can still be loving them
even though we ain’t close enough to be touching them.
I just love our church.
I bet they would benefit from our church.
Ain’t that how the gospel works,
so why won’t they come to our church.
I feel called to reach that community,
but not if I gotta leave my community.
But the gospel doesn’t give you immunity.
The gospel gives you Impunity.
Black church white church,
news flash you are Christ’s church.
So the color is red that you stand by,
bloodshed nuff said hold your head high.
Waves your hands by,
to how life was,
be high on Christ that’s the right buzz.
Church segregation ain’t the right love,
separation is really hating Christ’s love.
We don’t go there, fill in the blank,
and fill in the blank their music ain’t.
Divided by cultural preferences is all us it is
not what his message is.
He called us to preach gospel sentences,
so all must, complete what repentance is.
Cuz we show the world that the Lord is real,
or we show the world we got a fake appeal.
Listen you were made in God’s image,
before any man saw you as an image.
So who you are is not who you are,
and what defines you should behind you.
Accept Christ, so what you thinking
that in eternity it matters if you white or black?
He made us,
for better status,
and our color’s red
so let’s move ahead.

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Love this lyric. Thanks for posting it...and thanks to The Voice for putting words to what many think and feel, and for exposing and challenging...in love. We are in this together, for the long haul, for better or for worse. May we act like it...

I was never at first when I was reading the lyrics to the song. I thought "uh oh, this doesn't sound good". But it ended very well. It is very true. Our color is RED.

Haley James
SUMC Vacation Bible School Director

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