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9Marks Explained : A Letter From Mark Dever

Deepak Reju

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Gospel-Minded Churches Cooperating in Pastoring

A wee-little sheep breaks through a fence and runs away. But unlike most parables, his shepherd doesn’t find him (Luke 15:1-7). This little sheep wanders to and fro, far away from home, and eventually stumbles upon another flock. From that moment on, another shepherd is given charge over his life. Imagine the first shepherd picking up his cell phone and saying to the new overseer, “Hey, friend.

Why Use an "In-House" Church Membership Directory?

We have a "in-house" church data base that our staff manages so that we can regularly and often reproduce a church membership directory.  While I'm sure there are a lot of reason why you might want a self-managed church membership directory, let me suggest a few for you to consider:

Biblical Counseling Coalition

For those who are interested in biblical counseling, the BCC launched their blog site yesterday.   They started with a post from Paul Tripp - The Ultimate Lens in Life.   Today's post was by biblical counseling author Elyse Fitzpatrick - Despising the Shame.

Humility & Leadership

Dear Senior Pastor, 

I've been very encouraged by the example of the senior pastor I work for, plus many other senior pastors.  So I want to ask you some questions to make you consider if you are modeling humility for your staff, church members, family, etc....

Federal Court, the IRS and Internet Churches

It's not often that I find the IRS and the Federal Court of Appeals making accurate theological declarations.  Let me explain...

More on 9 Marks in India

Our 9 Marks team have been in India for over a week now, and we've been in three different locations.  Quite literally, we've traveled plane, train, automobile, rickshaw, and boat (down the Ganges river).  

India is quite a mixture of both joy and sadness.  

A Pastor's Final Words to a Congregation He Dearly Loves

Michael Lawerence gave a final sermon to our congregation in DC this past Sunday.  He's served faithfully as an associate pastor for 8 years, and now he moves on to become the senior pastor at Hinson Baptist Church.  We don't often have examples of what a pastor should say to his congregation before he leaves---what are his final parting words?  If you are  curious what Michael said, here is a link for you to listen.