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9Marks Explained : A Letter From Mark Dever

Greg Gilbert

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Why I Pray Publicly for Other Churches

Every Sunday morning, I lead the congregation of Third Avenue Baptist Church in what we call a “pastoral prayer.” I pray for many things during that time—congregational events, members who are suffering, evangelistic opportunities, various officials in government, missions opportunities, and even events that have been in the nation’s headlines.

An Evangelical Consensus on the Mission of the Church?

First things first:  Kevin and I appreciated very much Ed Stetzer’s gracious response to our response to his review of What Is the Mission of the Church? We really don’t want this exchange to devolve into a point-by-point blogging match, and we assume from his post last week that Stetzer feels the same way.  Tedium can set in quickly.

RE: Sheep, Goats, and the Mission of the Church

Can't give you a sermon manuscript---I'm working on my own!---but here's how I think through the parable of the sheep and the goats in Matthew 25.

"The last thing that turkey will see is me screaming at him at about 900 feet per second!"

Posted without comment, except to say that I haven't changed a word of this.  Eat your heart out, Onion.

From the Kentucky Baptist Western Recorder:

When he dies, Clem Parnell expects his soul to ascent heavenward.  He wants his ashes to be loaded into a shotgun shell and blasted at a turkey.

A Bit More on Good Works and the Mission of the Church

The final point in the article we posted yesterday is hugely important. Kevin and I thought it was worth elaborating on. So we wrote the following:


Some Answers to Some Nagging Questions

On Tuesday, Trevin Wax put forth "five nagging questions" about our book What Is the Mission of the Church? Kevin and I both know and like Trevin. He is a friend. We are glad he has gently raised some concerns with our book; we'd like to gently answer and correct his concerns. We hope to provide a lengthier response to some of the critical reviews out there in the coming weeks. But for now Kevin and I want to provide a brief response to each of Trevin's nagging questions. The following is from both of us.


An Easy Decision

This really has nothing to do with the church, but who cares?  It needs to be said.

Yale QB Patrick Witt has to decide what to do on November 19. It's the day of The Game, the 128th match-up between Yale and Harvard.  A huge deal.  It's also the day that Witt has been invited to interview for the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship---but that's in Atlanta, GA.  What to do, what to do?

Reading "Mission of the Church"--Chapter 5

I think it probably makes more sense for us to talk about chapters 6 and 7, on "Social Justice," in the same post, so we'll focus on chapter 5 this week.