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9Marks Explained : A Letter From Mark Dever


This He Did Out of Sheer Love


From Athanasius’ On the Incarnation of the Word of God (2.8). If you’re looking for a profitable spiritual exercise this Christmas, try reading through this and stopping to praise God for the truth described in each sentence here:

Choose to be Attracted to Your Wife (or Potential Wife)

Every so often, I have conversations with some single guy or another who has his eyes on a great young lady but is concerned that he’s not “all that attracted to her”. Basically, he’s worried that if he pursues this woman he’s going to wind up spending his life in the nightmarish prison of a long-term, committed love relationship with someone that he doesn’t find to be extremely physically attractive.

Sharing the Gospel With Gay People*

To be honest, sharing the gospel with gay people* can be intimidating. There is an increasing social stigma that comes with believing that homosexuality is a sin. Frankly, you risk being treated like a racist bigot when you tell a homosexual that they have offended God and should repent.

Pastors: A Good Way to Eat Your Pauline Vegetables

Pastors in reformed circles tend to be strong on justification, and how our justification should shape our daily discipleship. But I'm not sure I hear Paul's emphasis on union with Christ, with its massive implications for our day-to-day discipleship, sounding out from pulpits quite as clearly.

Book review: Baptism--Three Views

The most recent issue of Foundations: An International Journal of Evangelical Theology has just been released, which is entirely devoted to baptism. Looks like a good issue. See, for example, Mike Gilbart Smith's article on baptizing children.

Here is my review of a three views book on baptism. Spoiler alert: it's a good book!

Jonathan Leeman audio on Membership, Discipline, Love, and the Word

Jonathan Leeman recently preached several messages on church membership, church discipline, God's love, and the power of God's Word at the People of God Conference in Sacramento, CA. 

You can go to 9Marks' Media page to download the talks and Q&A sessions from the conference, or click the links below:

Session 1: The Idolatry of Love 

Session 2: The Display of Love

Satan's Real Interest in Your Sin

Hath Satan any more friendly aim and intention towards thee, who is a sharer in every temptation? To beguile thee as a serpent, to devour thee as a lion, is the friendship he owes thee. I shall only add, that the sin he tempts thee to against the law, it is not the thing he aims at; his design lies against thy interest in the gospel. He would make sin but a bridge to get over to a better ground, to assault thee as to thy interest in Christ.

In case you missed the new 9Marks Journal...(for Kindle too)

In case the 9Marks Journal that got released last week happened to get misplaced behind a bag of turkey leftovers, allow me to set it on the table again. It's on lay elders--that is, men who help shepherd their churches while holding down a full time job. 

Jonathan Leeman writes in the editor's note, 

Together For the Gospel Live II - Out Today

One of the best things about the Together for the Gospel conference is the singing. It's quite moving to worship God in song with thousands and thousands of other believers. There's something about having that many voices expressing praise at the same time that is more than the sum of its parts.


Violence Against Women and Church Discipline

The United Nations designates yesterday, November 25, as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. A number of friends have written comments on the matter. 

How should a church respond to the case of a husband abusing his wife, or man his daughter? Decisively and quickly