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9Marks Explained : A Letter From Mark Dever


When did baptists become paedobaptists? 9 reasons why we shouldn't baptise young children even if they profess faith.

(I've revised this to try to be more concilliatory and show my reasoning from Scripture more. Thanks for comments that pointed out that my post had not been very humble. I'm attempting to be provocative (I genuinely think this is an important topic where we may be putting unecessary burdens on children). I hope also to be gracious.)

Romanian Baptists on the baptism of children and rebaptism in America

The age at which to baptize a child who professes faith in Christ can be a tricky issue for many churches. And depending on how a church handles the question, other issues can arise further down the road, such as the “rebaptism” of those who come to doubt the genuineness of their childhood profession of faith.

Two great audios on Baptism

A conversation this morning about infant baptism with a bloke who's recently started coming to our church led me to recommend two talks by Mark Dever.

They were given about 8 years ago, but since the debates have been pretty much the same for about 400 years, they are none the worse for that. 

Should infants be baptised?