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9Marks Explained : A Letter From Mark Dever


CJ in the Sports Section

Given that I'm the only guy on the 9Marks payroll (metaphorically speaking) who reads the Sports section of the newspaper, I'm pretty sure I've got the scoop here.Did you see CJ Mahaney was quoted on page 2 of the Washington Post Sports section?  Jon Copper is a linebacker from UVA wasn't drafted this weekend but was invited to the Packers minicamp (Mark D., I'll explain all of this to you  later).  He says in the paper: "C.J. Mahaney in his wonderful little book "Humility: True Greatness" wrote, "Humility is our greatest friend."  I must say that the past 12 or so hours have been humbling...You can read the original blog post from yesterday that was quoted in the paper this morning.  For what it's worth, my #1 professional goal is to be quoted in the Sports section of any major newspaper.