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9Marks Explained : A Letter From Mark Dever


Nobody Gets the Church They Want

For the past few days I’ve been more or less confined to bed. That’s rare for me, since I’m twenty-seven and healthy. But I’ve got a degenerative disc in my lower back that flares up once in a long while.

Five Reasons We Don’t Disciple (Part 1)

Seven years ago Christianity Today magazine asked John Stott to assess the growth of the evangelical church. This was his reply:

The answer is “growth without depth.” None of us wants to dispute the extraordinary growth of the church. But it has been largely numerical and statistical growth. And there has not been sufficient growth in discipleship that is comparable to the growth in numbers.

Pastor, Teach Your Businessperson to Be a Vine Worker

Scene 1: Over lunch with a pastor of my church, I asked him how things at church were going. After mentioning some encouragements, he expressed frustration with a member whom he described as “overly concerned with process.” This member wanted to spend a lot of time on the details of buildings, benefits, and budgets.

Elder Practices: Discipling

After preaching, one of the most important thing a pastor can do is to be actively discipling men in his congregation.   While every Christian has a responsibility to be involved in a discipling ministry, the pastor has a particular responsibility to be setting an example for the rest of the congregation.