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9Marks Explained : A Letter From Mark Dever

Meaningful Membership

Membership, Discipline, and Love

Earlier this year, Jonathan Leeman preached two sermons at Guilford Baptist Church (Sterling, Virginia) in which he set forth a biblical vision for membership and discipline in the local church. Both of these sermons are now available for download here at 9Marks.org. If you are wondering why membership and discipline are key components of a healthy church, we encourage you to listen to these sermons.

Membership, Discipline, and Love

Have you ever wondered how church membership and church discipline could be considered acts of love?  Well, you might be helped by Jonathan Leeman's careful consideration of the importance of membership and discipline in the local church.  Recently, Jonathan had the opportunity to preach two sermons at Guilford Baptist Church (Sterling, VA) in which he presented a biblical vision for caring for the flock and protecting the church's witness through membership and discipline.  Here are the links to the audio of Jonathan's messages:

Evaluating Prospective Church Members Who Appear Unconverted

The below is a guest post from Brian Croft.  Brian is the senior pastor of Auburndale Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky.  In addition to contributing to the 9Marks blog, Brian also writes regularly on his own blog at www.practicalshepherding.com.  Brian is married to Cara, and they have four children. 


Belonging Before Believing, Part 2

Last week I posted some comments that Mark Dever made about conversion and the importance of the church having "high expectations" for people who belong to it.  That post created such a firestorm of disinterest that I thought it demanded even more attention.