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9Marks Explained : A Letter From Mark Dever

Sermon Planning

Planning a Christmas Sermon Series

Some churches run a special series of Christmas sermons every year in December.  It's a good time for church members to bring friends who are thinking about religion and Jesus more than they would normally be during the other 11 months of the year, or so the thinking goes.

Others, usually of the more crusty and cantankerous sort, don't want to spend 1/12 of their year's preaching calendar on the same topic year in and year out.   

How the Calendar Questions Resolve for Me (this year . . .)

Thanks for the interaction, fellas. The last couple of years it has been my practice to charge forward through whatever text is next, trying to tailor the intro and maybe some applications Christmas or Easter. So last Christmas I preached on “The Seven Bowls of Wrath” from Revelation 16.

Merry Christmas!

This year I finished Nehemiah on December 5, and the plan is to do Mark next. We have a good number of folks who will be out of Louisville over the Christmas break.

Preaching Christmas Sermons?

Hey Jim,

Good questions.  Here's what I've done in the past: