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9Marks Explained : A Letter From Mark Dever

Church Planting: New Audio Interview and Old (but good) Resources


Here at 9Marks, we believe that God's glory is most clearly displayed through healthy local churches.  When individual followers of Christ gather together around God's Word and work together to faithfully live out the Christian life in community, it becomes abundantly clear to the surrounding world what God is like.  The church looks like God, and God displays His character through the church.

But have you ever wondered how such a community of God-imaging believers gets started?  How do we go about gathering Christians together to form a new local church which displays the character of God?  In other words, how do we "plant" a church?  If you find yourself asking any of these questions, you may want to check out our latest 9Marks Leadership Interview: "International Church Planting with Mack Stiles and Dave Furman."

In this interview, Ryan Townsend and Matt Schmucker sit down with Mack Stiles and Dave Furman, two leaders of a recent church plant in the United Arab Emirates.  Mack and Dave share their experience of seeing God at work in a culture full of unique opportunities and unique challenges.  Specifically, these leaders give a firsthand account of what it means to plant a new congregation through prayer, faithful preaching, evangelism, contextualization, humility, and patience.  In addition to this, they share some surprising lessons learned with regard to preparing the sending church.

We pray and trust that this interview will be encouraging and instructive for you, whether you are a young leader planting a new church or a seasoned pastor who has been serving for many years.

Click here to listen to the interview.

Additional church planting resources:

Book: Church Planting Is for Wimps by Mike McKinley

Article: 'Implementing Membership in a Church Plant' by Mike McKinley

Article: 'The Alternative: Why Don't We Plant?' by Jonathan Leeman

Audio message: 'The Great Commission and Church Planting' by Mark Dever

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