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9Marks Explained : A Letter From Mark Dever

God Accepts Even Your Mediocre Sermons


I recently heard Phil Ryken talking about preaching.  He told a group of ministers that as long as he had been faithful, he didn’t spend a lot of time worrying about whether or not it subjectively felt like his sermon had gone well.

He pointed to the Westminster Larger Catechism, question 55:

Q: How does Christ make intercession?

A: Christ makes intercession, by his appearing in our nature continually before the Father in heaven, in the merit of his obedience and sacrifice on earth, declaring his will to have it applied to all believers;
Answering all accusations against them, and procuring for them quiet of conscience, notwithstanding daily failings, access with boldness to the throne of grace, and acceptance of their persons and services.

That is good news and freedom for preachers.  It means that because of Jesus, even your C- sermon is counted as an accepted service before the throne of grace!

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That encouraged my soul. Thank you.

I'm weeping at this. I've been struggling with lots of sadness and feelings of inadequacy as a pastor. Thank you.

Thanks for this.

It's too easy to equate the supposed quality of what we offer with whether God will ultimately accept it.

Sometimes don't work the way we hope no matter how hard we worked.

Thank the Lord He sees all.

I don't know I tend to think there are not really any C- sermons that are delivered in the power of the Spirit. If a man does not lean on his own merits but the merits of Christ and power of the Holy Spirit then that Sermon does not return void. We too many times look at the power or authority or charisma with which a sermon is delivered and we can become guilty of preaching "what their tickling ears want to hear." Great quote from the confession thanks for sharing

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