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9Marks Explained : A Letter From Mark Dever

I Thought We Were Western Kentucky, Turns Out We're Duke


Well, this is a blow to my self-perception.  I've always thought of our humble little blog as the scrappy outsider, the contrarian voice willing to speak truth to power about meat sweats and the insidious paedo-baptist plan to undermine clean livin' one covenant kid at a time.  Turns out, we're a number one seed in the SBC Voices Blog Madness.  The bad news: as a contrarian with authority issues, I am forced to root against myself.  The good new: if we make it through to other rounds, we'll be up against the Goliath that is Beth Moore.  I think she's been itching for a fight for a while now.  Cute baby pictures can't save you when Church Matters come callin'! Best news: the winner gets a honking big gift certificate to the Westminster Bookstore.  Maybe we could buy copies of this book and pass them out to the students.  So head over and vote for your humble 9 Marks bloggers... we need the free books!  

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