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9Marks Explained : A Letter From Mark Dever

Lifted: Experiencing the Resurrection LIfe


I was very glad to hear that my friend Sam Allbery’s book Lifted has been released in the US by P&R. I don’t know of a book that does a better job of explaining the importance and implications of Jesus’ resurrection for the “person in the pew”. I plan on having copies on hand for our church members leading up to Easter and throughout the year. Here’s what others have said about Lifted:

  • After Mark Dever recommended Lifted, the pastoral staff of Covenant Life Church all put aside time to read and discuss it--you should too. --Joshua Harris, Covenant Life Church
  • Short, punchy, engaging -- a great book to give to others. It's popular theology without compromising the theology." -- Tim Chester
  • Exactly what we need: joy-giving gospel truth, served up garden fresh. Read and rejoice! --Michael Reeves, Theological Advisor for UCCF
  • Sam Allberry peppers good teaching with engaging illustrations which make this a very helpful book for everyone who wants to re-examine this truth." -- Adrian Warnock, Author of Raised with Christ: How the Resurrection Changes Everything
  • Writing out of his years of ministry to university students and from his own Christian experience, Sam helps us to look to a familiar horizon with fresh eyes." -- Michael Jensen, Moore Theological College, Sydney, Australia
  • Sam Allberry has written a wonderful book on the significance of the resurrection. Full of great images, clearly organized, encouraging, humorous, Biblical, insightful… I could go on. Reading this little volume on this central but neglected topic will benefit your life. If you would like more assurance, transformation, hope & purpose, this book shows you how we get all that from the resurrection of Christ. -- Mark Dever

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