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9Marks Explained : A Letter From Mark Dever

New Interview with John Piper on his book Bloodlines


I'd encourage you to check out the newest 9Marks Leadership Interview featuring John Piper. 

In this conversation with Mark Dever, Piper discusses racism, the gospel, obstacles to reconciliation, and white guilt in light of his recent book Bloodlines

Some Christians experience racism as a brutal, inescapable, daily reality. Others don't seem to experience it at all. But Piper argues that every Christian should give careful attention to this issue. At bottom, he says that it is not just a social issue, but a blood issue. The blood of Christ purchased people from every tribe and nation, so racism is a direct affront to the gospel.

We pray that this interview will not only provide a deeply biblical perspective on racism, but also give you hope to persevere in combating racism and pursuing reconciliation. 

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I read Piper's book and was not surprised as the theological failure noting that his most prominent book, the novel "Christian Hedonism" is fraught with theological compromise.

This is not to say racism is not an issue to be addressed or that even something less than racism, racial prejudice, is not something to be addressed but Piper's prescription mixes the context and protocols of and for the body of Christ - the Church and that of other divine but anthropologically based institutions such as marriage and government.

I wrote a 4 part series addressing the problems and blatant errors of Race-Based Special Interest Theology at my blog (no link out of respect) and tackled some egregious portions of Piper's book which reflect this modern version of Special Interest Theology.

Obviously everything in the book is not wrong, but a little leaven leavens the whole lump and in this case it is some leaven in critical areas which made me conclude, with certainty, that the book is neither theological nor philosophically sound, overall.

Is it terrible that I haven't heard of John Piper or his book "Bloodlines"? I think so, especially after checking out this interview, which was quite interesting. Thank you so much for sharing the interview—otherwise, I may not have ever heard of Piper or his book! I can't wait to pick up a copy and check it out.

Hi John, thanks for sitppong by We’re doing well, Mia is growing fast and seems like time is flying by!I appreciate your perspective on this….I know you’ve been following missions related issues longer than I’ve been alive! I also agree with your thoughts…I hesitated re-posting this video because instant media (especially videos) can make things seem much larger than they really are.One of the complexities of this issue is that translators and missions agencies (especially those connected to this controversy) are not necessarily advocating for C5/C6 on the whole. However, their translation philosophy is so closely connected that it becomes hard to separate. I didn’t fill out the petition that Thabiti linked for this very reason. I highly disagree with C5/C6, but I’m not sure these missions agencies are to blame (again, on the whole). However if as the video indicates, these organizations are pushing these translations despite the local leaders’ objections, that’s a different story.As for C5/C6, it’s one thing to be careful using labels like Christian in certain contexts (if I’m honest, even I do that to some degree), but to advocate an “insider” approach that gives validity and equal credibility to false religions for the sake of “winning” people to Christ seems so far from anything in the New Testament!BTW, I’m getting ready to go to Dubai and Turkey with Kevin for 3 weeks visiting some of our missionaries. I’ll be interested to get a ground-zero perspective on this issue, especially relating to the Turkish translation.Blessings! Perhaps I’ll see you at T4G?

that if you are a follower of Christ, you sholud be called a Christian. I have also found it very true that C5 is applied very differently in different contexts and we need to be careful not to paint the whole thing with one brush.Although I am willing to concede to those who would say that sometimes it takes time for the Holy Spirit and the Word of God to teach new believers in Christ, I can’t fathom a follower of Jesus (for any amount of time) still thinking highly of Mohammed or the Koran. This, to me, is a different gospel.The one thing I am sure about, the Insider movements, the C-5 issue and the recent translation issues have become so very hotly contested and are extremely controversial in World Missions today. May our King sort this issue out for His people, so that the advances can continue His way!But you didn’t ask for my opinion:-) How is the fairly new Father and Mother doing? Hope and pray all is well with you and Emma and child!John Kresge

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