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9Marks Explained : A Letter From Mark Dever

Caring for the Pastor: The Sabbatical

I have often likened pastors to bell towers: unless they are careful, they will ring one bell in their tower repeatedly. What do I mean? Even the best of preachers can begin to repeat the same theme and tone over and over in their preaching. A staleness or tired familiarity—one bell—begins to ring week in and week out. Why? Read more >

Disagreements and Differences Among Elders

9Marks executive director Matt Schmucker answers more practical questions about elder life, particularly about disputes and differences with other elders, and yellow flags about finding elders. ON DISPUTES WITH OTHER ELDERS 9M: What do you do when you struggle to get along with a fellow elder? Read more >

Cleaning Up the Rolls

Though I hear stories from church leaders around the country almost every day, I was still stunned by the following email from a faithful deacon in a Baptist church: Read more >

Cleaning Up the Rolls (Part 2): The Care List

How can we lovingly remove members from the roles of our churches without causing division and hurt feelings among the members who remain? A pastor may be rightly concerned about bloated membership lists that do not accurately reflect who is actually involved in the church. But it is difficult to predict how the very ones he wants to protect—the active believers!—will respond when he recommends trimming down the list. Read more >

Leading a Small Group for Newly Weds

It's always better to address potential problems than actual ones, and it's better to be proactive than reactive. Thus, our church encourages the couples in our midst who are in their first two years of marriage to join a small group of other newly married couples led by a veteran couple. Hopefully, this limits future problems and helps to build firm foundations for God-glorifying marriages. Here are some hints for leading a newly married group. GENERAL Read more >

39 Lessons, 20 Tips and 10 "Don'ts" For Parenting

39 LESSONS WE'VE LEARNED Lessons About Ourselves Read more >

Those Toxic Non-Attenders

Growing up I always heard that it was better to be accused of committing a sin of omission than a sin of commission. That way, you could always chalk your sin up to forgetfulness, ignorance or thoughtlessness. The sin of commission was the bigger no-no since it appeared deliberate and calculated. NON-ATTENDANCE: JUST A SIN OF OMISSION?   Read more >

Things I've Seen and Heard -- On Numbers