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9Marks Explained : A Letter From Mark Dever

What Distinguishes Biblical Counseling from other Methods?

What are the differences between biblical counseling and various other approaches to counseling that are popular in the church? Read more >

Cultivating a Culture of Counseling and Discipleship

THE MINISTRY OF THE WORD 9Marks: Do you think a pastor can counsel from the pulpit? Read more >

Five Advantages of Church-Based Counseling

"God knows me well," a friend once said to me. "He knew that, apart from the accountability and love that comes from a Christian community, I would not survive in this world." God never meant for Christians to live alone. Through the church on earth, therefore, he created a place where Christians could gather for corporate worship, accountability, fellowship, instruction, and godly exhortation. I would even dare say that the fullest expression of our faith cannot occur apart from loving communion with other believers in a local church. Read more >

Counseling and Discipleship

How are counseling and discipleship related? Let's think about this in terms of two pictures, a river and a battle scene.* A RIVER Our discipleship in Christ is like sitting in a boat on a river that flows toward him. Sometimes the river is winding and slow. Other times it's is rocky and fast. But gratefully his Spirit is always drawing us toward him, increasing our love for him, his word, and his people. As we flow down the river toward him, different men and women help to disciple us along the way. And we are called to help disciple them. Read more >

Sorting Out the Spiritual and the Physical

MEDICAL BACKGROUND AND TRAINING 9Marks: You began your career as a medical doctor and switched to full time teaching and counseling? How does your medical background benefit your counseling work? Read more >

Looking at the Past and Present of Counseling

The following is an interview with David Powlison LOOKING AT THE HISTORY OF BIBLICAL COUNSELING 9Marks: Are there significant points of commonality between biblical counseling in the past, such as the Puritan approach, and proper biblical counseling today? Read more >

Twenty Ways to Cultivate a Culture of Counseling

By equipping your members to counsel one another, you enable them to do the front-line work of ministry. Here are twenty ways to cultivate a culture of counseling and discipleship in your church: Read more >

What Should Pastors Do with Fear, Medication & Addiction

9Marks: You have written two books on the theme of fear, When People are Big and God is Small and Running Scared. Why is fear a theme you have focused on so much? Read more >