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9Marks Explained : A Letter From Mark Dever

9Marks Pastors' Wives' Forum

We asked a roundtable of pastors' wives the following question: What have been one or two of the most unexpected blessings of being a pastor's wife? Answers from Read more >

Unbelief in an Elder's Children -- Exegesis

  He must manage his own household well, with all dignity keeping his children submissive, for if someone does not know how to manage his own household, how will he care for God’s church? —1 Timothy 3:4-5 . . . appoint elders in every town as I directed you— . . . above reproach, the husband of one wife, and his children are believers and not open to the charge of debauchery or insubordination. —Titus 1:6 Read more >

Unbelief in an Elder's Children -- Practice

Following up on Justin Taylor's exegetical discussion of the passages pertinent to the question of unbelief in an elder’s children, 9Marks executive director and Capitol Hill Baptist Church elder Matt Schmucker answers some practical questions about putting this exegesis to work in real life. Read more >

9Marks Marriage Book Comparison Chart

Akin, Danny. God on Sex: The Creator's Ideas About Love, Intimacy and Marriage. B&H, 2003. Read more >

30 Practical Ways For Pastors to Love Their Wives & Families

The demands of pastoral ministry can be tough on the pastor’s wife and family. Not only do they tempt him to neglect his family, they can leave him void of good, creative, meaningful ideas on how to love and serve them. Pastor, we cannot help you with the temptation to neglect them, other than exhort you to flee this temptation—Christ hasn’t neglected you, has he?! But perhaps we can help you with several practical ideas to help motivate you to love and serve your wife and children more effectively. Here they are: Read more >

Did Moses Marry a Black Woman?

Moses, a Jew, apparently married a black African and was approved by God. Read more >

The Gospel & Deliberate Complementarian Pastors

Our motivation for biblical manhood and womanhood in marriage is the gospel. I am convinced that the complementarian position will strengthen the church in her God given-role to proclaim and protect the gospel. And the most effective apologetic for the complementarian position (apart from Scripture) is marriages, families, and singles who radiate the beauty and wisdom of God's plan for men and women. Read more >

Leading a Small Group for Newly Weds

It's always better to address potential problems than actual ones, and it's better to be proactive than reactive. Thus, our church encourages the couples in our midst who are in their first two years of marriage to join a small group of other newly married couples led by a veteran couple. Hopefully, this limits future problems and helps to build firm foundations for God-glorifying marriages. Here are some hints for leading a newly married group. GENERAL Read more >

The Pastor's Wife: A Position or Juxtaposition?

Click here for Connie Dever and Lindsey Brayman's "Juxtaposition," a study guide to accompany Mary Somerville's One with a Shepherd. "What will your wife do if you become our pastor?" That was the question one church member asked my husband at a question-and-answer session at Capitol Hill Baptist Church (CHBC). He was candidating for the position of pastor. Read more >