Expanding Reach of the 9Marks Journal

Church Stories

Published quarterly, the 9Marks Journal features articles from pastors and for pastors. It focuses on a single topic—like  preachingpastoral burnoutchurch disciplinethe Reformation—and seeks to provide enlightening and encouraging instruction.

And by God’s grace, it appears our journal is gaining traction.

We released our summer edition—“Pastoral Burnout: Its Causes & Cures”—on July 17. Since then, it’s received over 15,000 views and been downloaded 3,100 times. These statistics add up to our most popular edition in our 20-year history. We’re thankful. And we’re sobered. This Journal and its topic displays the value of 9Marks’ ministry to pastors.

Please spend some time on the 9Marks Journal page to see our work throughout the years. All our journals are available for free download—and if you prefer hard copy, they can be  purchased on Amazon for less than $6 each.

Lord willing, we’ll release these upcoming 9Marks Journals:

  • The Pastor and Pornography
  • The Heart of the Gospel: Penal Substitutionary Atonement
  • What’s Wrong with Gospel-Centered Preaching Today?
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