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Expanding Reach of the 9Marks Journal


Published quarterly, the 9Marks Journal features articles from pastors and for pastors. It focuses on a single topic—like  preaching, pastoral burnout, church discipline, the Reformation—and seeks to provide enlightening and encouraging instruction. And by God’s grace, it … keep reading…

In Zambia, Bobby taught at the Central Africa Baptist College & Seminary. For 30 hours, he taught 170 African pastors and students about the doctrine of the church. The training was in English. But two-thirds of these brothers will minister in their native language, Bemba.

Building Healthy Churches in Sub-Saharan Africa


All across the great continent of Africa, men and women are coming to Christ. That’s what the reports say—and that’s what our friends on the ground say, too. This is … keep reading…

International Director’s Summer in Europe

International Director’s Summer in Europe | Stay tuned


This summer, our international director Rick Denham spent time with various European partners. Over two months, he traveled to ten countries where he formed new relationships, strengthened old ones, and … keep reading…

Small Footprint, Big Impact at the SBC


Ten years ago, when 9Marks walked into the SBC, no one knew who we were. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case. Now it’s a gathering with lots of friends, as … keep reading…

International Director’s Summer in Europe


While in Europe this summer, Rick visited the church of Christian Schmid, one of our partners in Bern, Switzerland. This congregation is part of the Evangelium21 network in German-speaking Switzerland, … keep reading…


Praying Together


When did you learn to cry out to God in prayer? For John Onwuchekwa, the answer is “6 weeks before I planted Cornerstone Church in Atlanta.” But the story that moved … keep reading…

9Marks at SEBTS 2018 – Missions


How did the message of Jesus get from first-century Jerusalem to where you live 20 centuries later? Consider the barriers the gospel had to cross to reach you—barriers of geography, … keep reading…

What Moves You?

What Moves You?


The effort you expend to get to a destination says something about its importance. If the journey is difficult, the destination must be worth it. I want you to meet … keep reading…

Church Stories

The Impact of One Man with a Church: Training Pastors in Russia


A couple years ago, 9Marks sent one man back to Russia to be our pointman for translating resources and building relationships. Yet he didn’t do his work alone. His church in Moscow began to … keep reading…

Why India Needs 9Marks


I recently returned from a two-week trip to India. During my time there I taught two 9Marks conferences for pastors and seminarians. I came away from that time more convinced than ever that the mission of 9Marks is essential to the spread of the gospel in places like Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand.

New 9Marks website in Spanish!


Do you or someone you know speak Spanish? Do you have a passion for cultivating God-glorifying, healthy churches in the Spanish-speaking world?

New Multimedia Resource: Jonathan Leeman on God’s Word


How should we as Christians view God's Word?  How does God's Word give life to a congregation?  Is God's Word really that important in the local church?  Jonathan Leeman recently had the opportunity to encourage and instruct some church members in Graham, Texas by considering these questions and more.  Jonathan spoke at Graham Bible Church, where he gave four talks on God's Word:

Sowing Gospel Seeds in Uganda


Matt Schmucker, vice president of 9Marks, recently traveled to Uganda to take part in an amazing opportunity to equip and encourage thousands of African believers.  Matt was invited to speak … keep reading…