What Can the Metropolitan Tabernacle Teach Us About Women’s Ministry?

By Jenna DiPrima | 07.18.2023

Though Lavinia Bartlett died over 150 years ago, pastors and churches today can learn a great deal from her, particularly as they consider how to organize women’s ministry in the life of the church.

Stop Calling Them Names

By Sam Emadi | 07.17.2023

If you’re prone to use name-calling with theological opponents, consider three passages in Scripture and how they address our unhealthy culture in evangelicalism of pejorative labeling.

A Few Ways Pastors’ Wives Serve Their Husbands

By 9Marks | 06.07.2023

We asked a number of pastors not about everything their wives might do in the church, but how their wives serve them in the ministry.

Pastor: Help Your Congregation Navigate Gay Pride Month

By Jonathan Leeman | 06.02.2023

Pastor, as the culture around us celebrates the Neo-paganism of LGBTQ+ this month, here are some brief thoughts on how you can teach/care for the members at your church.

2023-2025 Reading Plan

By Mark Dever | 05.31.2023

Mark Dever suggests a plan for reading a set of 9Marks books for 2023-2025.

7 Reasons Why Your Church Should Engage in Door-to-Door Evangelism

By Jake Wright | 05.29.2023

Evangelism is critical not only for lost souls but also for the spiritual vitality of our churches.

What Is a Church?

By Chris Hutchison | 05.25.2023

What is a church? How might we answer that question? Where should we start?

A Response to a Review of ‘No Shortcut to Success’

By Matt Rhodes | 05.16.2023

We asked Matt Rhodes to respond to the International Mission Board’s critique of his book ‘No Shortcut to Success: A Manifesto for Modern Missions.’

4 Reasons You Can Preach the Same Text 2 (or 3 or 4) Times

By Sean Nolan | 05.15.2023

There are reasons to be confident when returning to the same text multiple times.

A Guide to the Journal

9Marks | 9Marks Journal: A New Christian Authoritarianism? | 04.30.2023

Since it’s unusually long, we thought a more careful guide to the Journal might help.  

Ten Diagnostic Questions for the Potential Ideologue

By Ken Barbic | 9Marks Journal: A New Christian Authoritarianism? | 04.29.2023

Be wary of anyone who casts their political strategy and positions on less clear matters with a “thus saith the Lord” level of certainty.

A New Christian Authoritarianism?

By Jonathan Leeman | 9Marks Journal: A New Christian Authoritarianism? | 04.29.2023

Creeping politicization implies a creeping authoritarianism.

Say No to Christian Nationalism

By Jonathan Leeman | 9Marks Journal: A New Christian Authoritarianism? | 04.29.2023

If you don’t get your doctrine of the church right, you’re going to get your doctrine of the government and the nation wrong.

What Authority Has God Given to Governments?

By Jonathan Leeman | 9Marks Journal: A New Christian Authoritarianism? | 04.29.2023

The government’s job description: To administer the justice requisite for protecting human life, secure the conditions necessary for fulfilling the dominion mandate, and provide a platform for God’s people to declare God’s perfect judgment and salvation.

Samples of Public Prayers Prayed by Pastors

By J. Owens, J. Sanchez, M. Dever, R. Shannon | 9Marks Journal: A New Christian Authoritarianism? | 04.28.2023

Read the prayers of four pastors at city, state, and national governmental gatherings.