Seminary Smarties — Now Showing At A Website Near You

By Bill Mounce | 9Marks Journal: Elders (Part 2) | 02.26.2010

As we know, the one qualification that separates elders from other roles in the church is that they be “able to teach” (1 Tim. 3:2).

What Distinguishes Biblical Counseling from other Methods?

By David Powlison | 02.26.2010

Just what is “biblical counseling” anyway?

Why (and How) Your Church Should Hold the 1689 Confession

By Sam Waldron | 02.26.2010

Should you use the 1689 London Confession in your church? Yes, and here’s why.

Lessons in Shepherding 3: The Gospels

By Paul Alexander | 9Marks Journal: Elders (Part 2) | 02.26.2010

To say that Jesus is the shepherd of his flock is to say that he’s a ruler.

Lessons in Shepherding 2: Jeremiah and Ezekiel

By Paul Alexander | 9Marks Journal: Elders (Part 2) | 02.26.2010

What is the Discipline of Biblical Theology?

By Graeme Goldsworthy | 02.26.2010

If systematic theology is derivative of biblical theology, then pastoral theology is derivative of systematic theology.

Lessons in Shepherding 4: Acts, 1 Peter, and Revelation

By Paul Alexander | 9Marks Journal: Elders (Part 2) | 02.26.2010

Why must an elder pay close attention to himself? Isn’t that selfish? No. It’s responsible.

Lessons in Shepherding 1: God, Moses and David

By Paul Alexander | 9Marks Journal: Elders (Part 2) | 02.26.2010

The man who is a shepherd of God’s people must know that he is a guardian of God’s fame, a fact in which he should find tremendous confidence.

What are the Essentials of the Gospel?

By Phil Newton | 02.26.2010

Unless Genesis 1:1 is true, then we will have problems convincing anyone that there is a problem with sin and a need for redemption.

Cleaning Up the Rolls

By Matt Schmucker | 9Marks Journal: Church Membership: Holding the Body Together | 02.26.2010

Bad records and outdated rolls trouble any faithful pastor’s existence. Yet before you sweep things clean, consider both why and how this should be done.

Cleaning Up the Rolls (Part 2): The Care List

By Matt Schmucker | 02.26.2010

Why go to all this trouble? Too many times, we had seen Satan exploit the newness or suddenness of a motion for discipline in our meetings.

Dealing with Bad Documents

By Greg Gilbert | 9Marks Journal: Confessions, Covenants, and Constitutions: How to Organize Your Church | 02.26.2010

Very often a new pastor will find a statement of faith like our church had—unclear at best and heretical at worst.

A Call To the Ministry

By Basil Manly | 02.26.2010

More ministers, and better ministers, are the great want of the Church.

Cultivating a Culture of Missions in a Small Church

By Tom Ascol | 9Marks Journal: Missions | 02.26.2010

Small churches are not exempt from the work of missions, nor should they want to be.

Cultivating a Culture of Counseling and Discipleship

By Tim Lane | 9Marks Journal: Counseling in the Church | 02.26.2010

When we live as children of light, we live a persuasive lifestyle that gets the attention of the non-Christian.