Budgeting Resources for the Local Church

Provided by 9Marks

Many pastors conceive of the church budget as primarily a financial tool, but in fact it is primarily a pastoral tool. A church’s philosophy of ministry is locked into its budget, and so the budget will either stifle or accelerate any attempts to move a congregation toward a biblical model of church health. As such, the church budget is a far more potent pastoral tool than many church leaders realize. Budgeting for a Healthy Church examines each section of the budget in light of Biblical principles to show how a church budget can lock in healthy approaches to ministry.

Below, you will find several tools described in the book for constructing a church budget that funds healthy ministry. Feel free to download these, edit them, and make them your own. You may not distribute these beyond your church and/or sell them without written permission from 9Marks and Zondervan.

Budget Discussion Worksheet

Budget Discussion Worksheet

Page 50

Distribute copies of this worksheet to your church budget leadership team; use the results to help structure conversation about your next budget.

Program/Ministry Assessment Worksheet

Program/Ministry Assessment Worksheet

Page 102

Distribute copies to those responsible for each ministry/program and use to help your team prioritize which get funded and at what level.

Missions/Outreach Scorecard

Page 120

Use this scorecard to evaluate the value and fit of each missions/outreach opportunity you might invest in, along with your knowledge of each opportunity.

Budgeting Checklist

Page 148

This tool condenses the entire book into a budgeting checklist you can use to determine where your approach to funding ministry might need adjustment.