Aaron Menikoff

No More Mr. Nice: Pastoral Reflections on Kindness

By Aaron Menikoff | 04.28.2017

Kindness may be one of the most overlooked pieces of the fruit of the Spirit. But it shouldn’t be, for it takes us to the very heart of the gospel.

Let Us Not Grow Weary: Pastoral Reflections on Patience

By Aaron Menikoff | 03.06.2017

God blesses some churches with quick, radical, and amazing growth. But he tends to work slowly—and this requires patience.

Living in the “Nevertheless”: Pastoral Reflections on Peace

By Aaron Menikoff | 02.06.2017

At its core, peace is not singing “Kumbaya” around a campfire with a dozen of your closest friends. The root of peace is the objective reality that God has adopted you into his family as his precious son or daughter.

Stop Looking for It—Pastoral Reflections on Joy

By Aaron Menikoff | 11.15.2016

I know I’m supposed to delight in God. I know the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. Surely Paul wasn’t kidding when he commanded, “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice” (Phil. 4:4). He meant it. Joy isn’t the leather interior of the Christian life; it’s […]

Am I a Noisy Gong?—Pastoral Reflections on Love

By Aaron Menikoff | 07.21.2016

No faithful leader wants to be a noisy gong. So how can we grow in love?

Pastor’s Forum: Stories of Answered Prayer

By A. Menikoff, D. Newkirk, G. Conner, G. Kell, J. Vincent, S. Kelly | 9Marks Journal: The Church Praying | 06.21.2016

A few brief stories of how God has answered church-wide prayers.

Is Meek Weak?—Pastoral Reflections on Gentleness

By Aaron Menikoff | 05.23.2016

The pastor who feels the need to power his church to greatness through the exercise of his own gifts underestimates the power of the gospel.

Which Church Documents? And Why?

By Aaron Menikoff | 9Marks Journal: Confessions, Covenants, and Constitutions: How to Organize Your Church | 03.04.2016

As unglamorous as church documents may be, they are a crucial component of a pastor’s toolbox.

Book Review: Eldership and the Mission of God, by J. R. Briggs and Bob Hyatt

Review by Aaron Menikoff | 07.13.2015

As the culture becomes increasingly hostile towards Christianity we need elders who will keep the dock sure, steady, and unmoved, all the while holding a rope out to those drowning in the water of the culture, looking for solid ground.

Book Review: Expository Listening, by Ken Ramey

Review by Aaron Menikoff | 04.16.2015

It’s hard to sit down and listen to an hour-long sermon when you spend your day flipping from the smart phone to the iPad to the big screen.

Ten Questions to Ask of a Song’s Lyrics

By Aaron Menikoff | 08.22.2014

How then should a pastor or team of elders select music that glorifies God and serves the body?

Historical Reflections on Baptism and Church Membership

By Aaron Menikoff | 06.18.2014

Maybe it simply worth noting that there is a long history, first in England, then in the States, of Baptists addressing the question of whether the unbaptized should be accepted into the membership of Baptist churches.  To put it in a less sterile way, should the church really be split over a difference in baptism? The most famous account, […]

In Defense of Preaching Models

By Aaron Menikoff | 06.12.2014

I think we need to be careful. As I read Scripture, I’m struck by a couple things that are pertinent to this topic. First, we should expect that a disciple will resemble his teacher: “A student is not above his teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher” (Luke 6:40). Jesus […]

What Members Are Asking about Elders

By Aaron Menikoff | 06.11.2014

If you are reading this blog post, you may very well be at a church that is already led by a plurality elders. You may, like me, be at a church that is thinking toward moving that direction. I’m in a unique setting because I’m not the first pastor at the church I serve to […]

Reflections on Elders from 1 Peter

By Aaron Menikoff | 06.11.2014

At Mount Vernon, the church I serve, we moved to elders a number of years ago. As our elders talk about shepherding—which is always—I’ve found that one of the most helpful texts to speak from has been 1 Peter 5:2-4 where Peter writes to the elders, “Be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your […]