Alex Duke

Four Ways the Reformation Changed Church History

By Alex Duke | 9Marks Journal: The Reformation and Your Church | 09.26.2017

Luther and his fellow Protestant reformers changed the course of church history. How so? Let me name four.

A Conversation about Missions with Andy Johnson

By A. Duke, A. Johnson | 09.13.2017

Our editorial manager Alex Duke sat down with author Andy Johnson to talk about his new book Missions and the importance of being intentional in our missionary endeavors.

Church Mergers and Plants

Summer 2017
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Who Is Jesus? (Study Guide)

By A. Duke, G. Gilbert

Both Christians and non-Christians must reckon with the answer to this simple question. This study guide, a companion to Greg Gilbert’s book Who Is Jesus?, invites readers to reflect on Jesus’s … keep reading…

What Is the Gospel? Study Guide

By A. Duke, G. Gilbert

What Is the Gospel? This simple question has major implications for both Christians and non-Christians alike. This study guide, together with Greg Gilbert’s best-selling book What Is the Gospel?, will … keep reading…

Why Trust the Bible? (Study Guide)

By A. Duke, G. Gilbert

Many people wonder why anyone would trust a book that was written over two thousand years ago. This study guide, paired with Greg Gilbert’s book Why Trust the Bible?, will help … keep reading…

Book Review: The Prodigal Church, by Jared C. Wilson

Review by Alex Duke | 07.29.2015

The Prodigal Church is more than just a demolition project. Atop the wreckage left by pragmatism and consumerism, Wilson attempts to rebuild scaffolding with different, yet more durable materials. In this, the book succeeds, though not perfectly.

Introducing the 9Marks Mailbag

By A. Duke, J. Leeman | 03.04.2015

Introducing a new feature on the 9Marks site.

Book Review: Dispatches from the Front, by Tim Keesee

Review by Alex Duke | 9Marks Journal: Vanishing Church? | 11.10.2014

Read this book if for no other reason than it puts flesh and bone on our prayers as it illustrates the faithfulness of God in keeping his promises.

On Being an “Ordinary” Christian: An Interview with Michael Horton

By Alex Duke | 10.14.2014

If we were more serious about these ordinary means of grace, I’m convinced the church would have a much stronger witness in the world today.

Nine Marks of a Healthy Worship Leader

By Alex Duke | 9Marks Journal: The Church Singing | 04.23.2014

“Whoa, those people love to sing about Jesus!” is always better than “Man, that guy is great!”

What Should We Do about Members Who Won’t Attend?

By Alex Duke

Helping Leaders to Develop Meaningful Church Membership Many new believers have questions about what it means to live as a Christian in the context of a local church, and pastors … keep reading…

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