Andy Johnson

Evangelizing the Nations at Home

By Andy Johnson | 9Marks Journal: Evangelism | 02.06.2024

You might be surprised what nations God has brought to your doorstep.

On Why the Local Church Matters in Missions with Chip Bugnar, Andy Johnson, and Scott Logsdon (Missions Talk, Ep. 10)

By A. Johnson, C. Bugnar, J. Mack Stiles, R. Robertson, S. Logsdon | 03.02.2023

In this episode of Missions Talk, Ryan Robertson and Mack Stiles interview pastors about why the local church matters for missions work.

Small Groups: Thoroughfares not Cul-De-Sacs

By Andy Johnson | 9Marks Journal: The Church's Ministries | 12.12.2022

Community building is a fruitful but risky strategy for a church. They can encourage members but also morph into cul-de-sacs of complacency.

Pray for Revival—in the Other Guy’s Church

By Andy Johnson | 9Marks Journal: Pursuing Revival While Avoiding Revivalism | 06.14.2022

God has a big plan for his whole world, and God will accomplish his work in the world. Sometimes he may do that through us. Sometimes he may do it through the church down the street.

Faithful Missionaries Proclaim the Gospel

By Andy Johnson | 08.14.2020

If you meet a missionary who’s very excited about methods and strategies and workbooks, but they don’t seem to ever talk about the Bible—run away.

pastors talk pastoring suffering people 9marks

Episode 121: On Pastoring Suffering People (with Andy Johnson)

By A. Johnson, J. Leeman, M. Dever | 03.31.2020

Jonathan Leeman chats with Mark Dever and Andy Johnson on pastoring suffering saints.

Can Women Be Sent Out as Missionaries?

By Andy Johnson | 9Marks Journal: Complementarianism: A Moment of Reckoning | 12.10.2019

So can women be missionaries? Yes, of course. But also yes to the biblical teaching on gender distinctions in the life of the church. The two are not at odds.

Should I Join a Church for its Small Groups?

By Andy Johnson | 9Marks Journal: Church Membership: Following the Lord Together | 05.07.2019

Keeping small groups from becoming mini-churches often takes intentionality and pastoral effort.


By Andy Johnson

How the Local Church Goes Global Every local church should be engaged with global missions, even if most individuals in the church aren’t called to go overseas. But what does … keep reading…

Episode 68: On Missionaries and Churches (with Andy Johnson and John Folmar)

Episode 68: On Missionaries and Churches (with Andy Johnson and John Folmar)

By A. Johnson, J. Folmar, J. Leeman, M. Dever | 12.11.2018

In this episode of Pastors’ Talk, Jonathan sits down with Mark, John Folmar, and Andy Johnson to talk about healthy churches and global missions.

Missions - Andy Johnson

Missions – Andy Johnson | Session 3

By Andy Johnson | 09.25.2018

Each year, the 9Marks at Southeastern Conference examines a particular topic related to church health and provides biblical and practical help fellow pastors and leaders.

Should You Excommunicate Someone Who Joins an “Open & Affirming” Congregation?

By Andy Johnson | 9Marks Journal: Church Discipline: Medicine for the Body | 01.09.2018

Should churches excommunicate someone who joins an “open and affirming” congregation?

Using the Holidays to Host Singles

By Andy Johnson | 9Marks Journal: Pastoring Singles | 03.20.2017

Here are a few comments intended to encourage you to fold single-adult friends into your special family events.

Western Missions and the Global Church: An Interview with Two International Christians

With Andy Johnson | 9Marks Journal: Healthy Churches around the World | 12.22.2016

In this 9Marks interview, missions pastor Andy Johnson sits down with two international Christians—”Arnold” and “Vincent”—to discuss the role the Western church plays in the growth of Christianity abroad, particularly in the Muslim world and China.

Take Your Job Overseas—Introducing Business for Missions

By Andy Johnson | 9Marks Journal: Missions: Adding Wisdom to Zeal | 12.16.2015

Your ordinary vocational gifts and talents might be a treasure to a congregation in Malaysia or London or Istanbul or Dubai.

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