Barry Cooper

Does Your Church Offer Weak Community?

By Barry Cooper | 10.10.2018

If we truly care about the health of our churches, we’d do well to ask ourselves some questions.

Five Reasons We Don’t Disciple (Part 4)

By Barry Cooper | 08.26.2014

The deep, wide discipleship we long for in our churches will only come when we stop assuming the gospel, and actually proclaim it.

Five Reasons We Don’t Disciple (Part 3)

By Barry Cooper | 08.22.2014

As Western evangelicals, we have become increasingly reliant on courses, programs, techniques, and methodologies to do the work of evangelism and discipleship.

Five Reasons We Don’t Disciple (Part 2)

By Barry Cooper | 08.22.2014

Let me suggest two more reasons our discipleship is so shallow: seeker-sensitive church with many nominal Christians.

Five Reasons We Don’t Disciple (Part 1)

By Barry Cooper | 08.22.2014

Cheap grace may be easier to “buy.” It may help our churches to fill. But we will watch them fill with people who aren’t disciples.