Ben Wright

Do 9Marks Churches Foster Expressive Individualism?

By Ben Wright | 9Marks Journal: Expressive Individualism in the Church | 03.18.2022

Few demographic tribes are more likely to “amen!” a critique of attractional church methodology than 9Marks readers. But are we guilty of cultivating individualism, too?

4 Reasons You Should Preach through Joel

By Ben Wright | 12.20.2018

Joel reaches all the way back to the curses of the Old Covenant and then all the way forward to anticipate the fulfillment of the New Covenant. It walks us from the Pentateuch to Revelation.

Book Review: Conversion & Discipleship: You Can’t Have One Without the Other, by Bill Hull

Review by Ben Wright | 08.18.2017

This book is a mix of both pastoral usefulness and troubling ambiguity.

Book Review: Finding a Vision for Your Church, by Michael A. Milton

Review by Ben Wright | 09.15.2014

This is no nifty how-to book; it is a why-to and what-to book.

Book Review: Reclaiming the Sufficiency of Scripture, by Rob Rienow

Review by Ben Wright | 9Marks Journal: Is Scripture Enough? | 07.16.2013

Reinow has expanded the doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture to say a bit more than it has meant in church history since the Reformation, and more than Scripture claims for itself.

Book Review: God at Work: Your Christian Vocation in All of Life, by Gene Veith

Review by Ben Wright | 9Marks Journal: Pastoring Christians for the Workplace | 02.22.2013

Pastors may find God at Work to be a useful tool as they translate theological language related to sanctification into laypeople’s vernacular.

Book Review: The Intentional Church, by Randy Pope

Review by Ben Wright | 9Marks Journal: The Pastor and his Staff, Part 1 | 06.28.2011

As you read this book you’ll see that Randy Pope has accomplished tremendous work for the sake of the gospel, and his approach to ministry planning has borne abundant fruit.

Book Review: Building a Healthy Multi-Ethnic Church, by Mark DeYmaz

Review by Ben Wright | 9Marks Journal: Family & Parenting | 03.02.2010

This book is a worthwhile read. But absorb its biblical-theological argumentation with a discerning eye.

An Evangelical-Fundamentalist Convergence?

By Ben Wright | 9Marks Journal: Cooperation | 02.25.2010

The Internet has created new opportunities for Fundamentalists and conservative Evangelicals to gain mutual appreciation and understanding.

Churches Raising Up Pastors – Capitol Hill Baptist Church

By Ben Wright | 9Marks Journal: Raising Up the Next Generation of Pastors | 02.25.2010

Here are the answers for the Capitol Hill Baptist Church internship program (submitted by Ben Wright). Capitol Hill Baptist Church is located in Washington, D. C.