Benjamin Merkle

What is the Nature of Pastoral Authority? — Perspectives from a Methodist, a Presbyterian, and a Baptist

By B. Merkle, K. DeYoung, M. O'Reilly | 9Marks Journal: Authority: God's Good and Dangerous Gift | 09.26.2016

We asked three pastors from three different traditions to answer the question: What is the nature of a pastor’s authority?

Book Review: The Original Bishops, by Alistair Stewart

Review by Benjamin Merkle | 02.23.2016

Any serious treatment of church offices must interact with this work. And yet, in the end, this book’s flaws render it another theory that has been tested and found wanting.

Do We Need To Use the Titles “Elder” and “Deacon”?

By Benjamin Merkle | 9Marks Journal: Deacons | 03.31.2010

There are no biblical qualifications for trustees, council members, “leadership teams,” or other titles of our devising.

The Biblical Qualifications and Responsibilities of Deacons

By Benjamin Merkle | 9Marks Journal: Deacons | 03.31.2010

The main difference between an elder and a deacon is a difference of gifts and calling, not character.

Should Elders Be Ordained?

By Benjamin Merkle | 9Marks Journal: Elders (Part 1) | 02.26.2010

To rightfully be a “pastor” (or deacon) is to be “ordained” in the sense of being publicly installed into that office.

Hierarchy in the Church?

By Benjamin Merkle | 02.26.2010

Today there is much debate as to whether the office of elder is really the same as the office of overseer or bishop.