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Ten Atonement Songs You Should Consider Singing

Ten Atonement Songs You Should Consider Singing

By Bob Kauflin | 9Marks Journal: The Heart of the Gospel: Penal Substitutionary Atonement | 08.20.2019

We will never have enough songs to extol the glory of the Lamb who was slain to purchase our salvation.

Pitfalls in Worship Music Today

By Bob Kauflin | 06.17.2014

Editor’s Note: I suspected the wonderfully musical and always thoughtful Bob Kauflin would have a helpful contribution to make following on Greg Gilbert’s last post (as well as the many good commenters), so … keep reading…

Should Your Second Hire Be a Music Pastor?

By Bob Kauflin | 9Marks Journal: The Church Singing | 04.23.2014

A music pastor says, “Not necessarily.”

Book Review: Perspectives on Christian Worship: Five Views, ed. by Matthew Pinson

Review by Bob Kauflin | 9Marks Journal: Church Discipline (Part 2) | 03.02.2010

How do we remain biblically rooted in our corporate worship of God without becoming culturally irrelevant?

Leadership Interview with Mark Dever

Worship with Bob Kauflin and Ligon Duncan

By B. Kauflin, L. Duncan, M. Dever | 03.15.2002

Despite the importance of worship, many churches today don’t know where to begin in defining its purpose and essential elements. Panelists J. Ligon Duncan, Bob Kauflin, and Carl Stam discuss the Bible’s teaching on God-pleasing worship, addressing everything from service times to music styles.