Brad Littlejohn

Book Review: Life Together, by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Review by Brad Littlejohn | 01.16.2024

Whatever may be happening in the world around us, Bonhoeffer reminds that the day-to-day burdens and conflicts of Christian community should remain our top priority.

Binding Consciences: Why We Do It, How We Do It, and Why It’s So Dangerous

By Brad Littlejohn | 9Marks Journal: Pastoring Through Political Turmoil | 09.29.2020

We must defend Christian liberty without falling into relativistic complacency. But when we hastily conflate all our conclusions with all God’s commands, we endanger our own consciences and those of our brothers and sisters.

Wise Men are Men, and Truth is Truth

By Brad Littlejohn | 9Marks Journal: The Reformation and Your Church | 09.26.2017

How do we cope with the legacy of such flawed heroes?