Ed Copeland

Preachers’ Talk — Episode 3: On “Inebriated Preaching”

By D. Helm, E. Copeland, J. Meeks | 03.26.2020

What does it mean to be “drunk in the pulpit”? It means to lean on the Bible more for support than illumination.

Preachers' Talk - Episode Two - simeon trust expositional preaching podcast

Preachers’ Talk – Episode 2: On Defining “Expositional Preaching” (with H. B. Charles)

By D. Helm, E. Copeland, H. B. Charles, J. Meeks | 02.20.2020

In this episode of Preachers’ Talk, Jeremy Meeks chats with David Helm, Edward Copeland, and special guest H. B. Charles about expositional preaching.

Preachers’ Talk – Episode 1: On the State of Preaching Today (with Jonathan Leeman)

By D. Helm, E. Copeland, J. Meeks, J. Leeman | 01.22.2020

In the inaugural episode of Preachers’ Talk, Jonathan Leeman chats with three friends from Simeon Trust—David Helm, Ed Copeland, and Jeremy Meeks—about expositional preaching.