Erin Wheeler

Fighting Burnout as a Pastor’s Wife

By Erin Wheeler | 01.31.2017

Let’s re-discover that our Lord’s yoke is easy and light, and in it we’ll find the rest our souls are looking for.

Book Review: Praying Together, by Megan Hill

Review by Erin Wheeler | 09.27.2016

Are you someone who struggles to pray? Read this book. Are you someone who wonders whether it’s worth the often costly sacrifice to join mid-week with other saints to pray? Read this book.

The Privilege and Power of a Praying Pastor’s Wife

By Erin Wheeler | 9Marks Journal: The Church Praying | 06.21.2016

We might say we believe prayer is important, but are we praying regularly, specifically, and expectantly?

Transition and the Pastor’s Wife

By Erin Wheeler | 01.29.2016

How do two people from coastal northern California and the nation’s capitol end up in Arkansas? God does it. That’s how.

Preaching to Women: Things for a Pastor to Consider

By Erin Wheeler | 9Marks Journal: Expositional Preaching | 06.18.2015

Like all Christians, women need the ammunition of the gospel for another week of battle in this hostile world.

Book Review: The Church Planting Wife, by Christine Hoover

Review by Erin Wheeler | 9Marks Journal: Complementarianism & the Local Church | 02.02.2015

Both practical and encouraging, The Churching Planting Wife is well worth the time of any wife married to a man pursuing or involved in ministry.

Discipling When You Need to Be Discipled

By Erin Wheeler | 9Marks Journal: Discipling in the Church | 08.27.2012

Ever feel like you have no business playing teacher because you’re still a student? The gospel reminds us that God’s power is made perfect in our weakness.