Geoff Chang

The Story of John Calvin and Martin Bucer

By Geoff Chang | 10.12.2018

Through his friendship with Martin Bucer, Calvin learned not only how to be a better pastor, but he also grew as a Christian in patience and humility.

5 Ways Spurgeon’s Metropolitan Tabernacle Cultivated Meaningful Membership

By Geoff Chang | 02.26.2018

The goal is for every church to be faithful—in doctrinal purity, in guarding the membership, in active gospel ministry. In this, Spurgeon and the Metropolitan Tabernacle remain a model for pastors and churches today.

A Step-by-Step Primer for Church Discipline

By Geoff Chang | 9Marks Journal: Church Discipline: Medicine for the Body | 01.09.2018

Church discipline would be easier if the church wasn’t made up of people. But Jesus didn’t come for buildings or institutions or events. He came to save a people for himself, sinners like you and me.

Evangelism Tool Review: Two Ways to Live

By Geoff Chang | 9Marks Journal: Evangelism - Part 1 | 09.09.2013

Every Christian should know the gospel and be able to present it to others (1 Pet. 3:15). Now, our circumstances, personalities, and gifts will vary hugely. Nonetheless, if you are … keep reading…

Book Review: Churches, Cultures & Leadership: A Practical Theology of Congregations and Ethnicities

Review by Geoff Chang | 9Marks Journal: Is Scripture Enough? | 06.24.2013

If you’re looking for a book that explains how cultural differences might play out in the context of the local church, this could be a very helpful resource.

Book Review: Many Colors: Cultural Intelligence for a Changing Church, by Soong-Chan Rah

Review by Geoff Chang | 9Marks Journal: The Pastor and his Staff, Part 1 | 06.28.2011

This book can be a helpful tool for pastors as they seek to understand the cultural makeup of their churches. But ultimately, its usefulness is limited by how little it focuses on Christ.

Book Review: Church 3.0, by Neil Cole

Review by Geoff Chang | 9Marks Journal: Pastoral Moves | 12.23.2010

If you want to acquaint yourself with a leading voice of the house church movement, read this book, but then turn elsewhere for what Scripture teaches about the local church.

Book Review: The Heart of Evangelism, by Jerram Barrs

Review by Geoff Chang | 9Marks Journal: Young Pastors | 03.03.2010

This book is a challenge for Christians to thoughtfully, humbly, and graciously engage non-Christians as they seek to share the gospel with the

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