Greg Gilbert

Is There Such a Thing as Church Authority?

By Greg Gilbert | 9Marks Journal: Authority: God's Good and Dangerous Gift | 09.30.2016

Here are seven points regarding the keys of the kingdom, and how local churches exercise authority through their use.

Your Constitution Is a Theological Document

By Greg Gilbert | 9Marks Journal: Confessions, Covenants, and Constitutions: How to Organize Your Church | 03.29.2016

A constitution is not just a technocratic document demanded by your state’s tax office, nor a necessary evil for avoiding conflict in a church. It’s a deeply theological and even spiritual document.

Debunking Stupid Statements about the Bible: An Exercise in Biblical Transmission

By Greg Gilbert | 11.09.2015

We can be sure that the Bible we have is comprised of what the New Testament authors actually wrote. And because of this, we are compelled to trust it.

Pastor’s Forum: Can You Reverse-Engineer a Multi-Ethnic Church?

By A. Davis, G. Gilbert, J. Onwuchekwa | 9Marks Journal: Multi-Ethnic Churches | 09.25.2015

Can you manufacture a multi-ethnic church programmatically, pragmatically, or consumeristically?

Against Music*

By Greg Gilbert | 06.17.2014

I think the entire evangelical world ought to put a moratorium on any kind of instrumental music, and just chant psalms in their worship services—for the next ten years.* I’ve been amazed since becoming an elder in a local church just how dependent many Christians are on a certain style of music, or certain level […]

I Move We Don’t Vote So Much!

By Greg Gilbert | 06.17.2014

There’s an interesting pattern I’ve noticed in evangelical churches: The smaller the church, the more frequent the votes. Most of the mega-churches in the evangelical world don’t seem to do a whole lot of congregational voting. They have one or two or three members’ meetings a year (if that), and it’s usually to do massive business like buying land or adopting […]

Church Reform When You’re Not (Necessarily) the Pastor

By Greg Gilbert | 06.16.2014

All these come from my own experience as one of several men who have worked to reform Third Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville.  I don’t claim universality for any of these; some of them might be helpful to you in your situation; others might be positively unhelpful.  You’ll have to use your own wisdom as […]

Hate Your Enemy?

By Greg Gilbert | 06.13.2014

When Jesus said, “Love your enemies,” exactly how broadly did he intend that command to apply? Don’t know if you saw it online this week, but Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, the fiery, opinionated Orthodox Jewish rabbi who frequently makes the rounds on cable opinion shows, wrote an article in response to last week’s attacks in Mumbai, India.  In that article, Boteach argues […]

What Is the Gospel?

By Greg Gilbert | 06.13.2014

There has been much conversation in evangelicalism recently about how Christians should define the gospel—whether we should say that the gospel is purely the message that sinners can be forgiven of sin through repentance and faith in the crucified Christ, or whether it is something broader.  The conversation has gotten pointed, if not heated, at times, with those in one camp […]

Don’t Compromise on Complementarianism

By Greg Gilbert | 06.12.2014

The Bible says quite a lot about fellow members of a church living together in peace.  “Make every effort to do what leads to peace,” Paul says.  And in another place, “Make every effort to to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.”  There are more, of course. Some years ago, […]

Looking to the Bible On the Multi-Site Issue

By Greg Gilbert | 06.12.2014

Let me say first of all what a privilege it was to have been invited to participate in the panel discussion at Southern Seminary a couple of weeks ago.  I count all the men on that stage as friends—some of them long and deep friendships, others new and deepening.  Whatever else we talked about there, […]

Theological Pop-a-Lock

By Greg Gilbert | 06.11.2014

Mark Dever and I are considering, someday, writing a book together about preaching.  In one of the sections of this imagined book, there would be a transcript of one or two of Mark’s sermons punctuated by comments from him reflecting on the sermon.  Why did you say that, Mark?  What were you thinking when you […]

Thinking Humbly About Changing the World

By Greg Gilbert | 06.11.2014

I read James Davison Hunter’s book To Change the World several weeks ago. On the whole, I found it to be a really helpful contribution to the discussion about how Christians should be engaging the world around them, and what precisely they are doing—and just as important, what they are not doing—when they do so. Hunter proposes a paradigm […]

The Gospel at Work

By G. Gilbert, M. Dever, S. Traeger | 01.06.2014

Why should Christians work? How can you trust God in the workplace? How can you avoid making an idol of work and being idle in work?

Why I Pray Publicly for Other Churches

By Greg Gilbert | 9Marks Journal: Church and Churches | 05.10.2013

Why pray publicly for other churches? To crucify the spirit of competition, to show we’re on the same team, and to strengthen friendships.