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Leadership Interview with Mark Dever

What is the Gospel?

By C. J. Mahaney, G. Gilbert | 06.25.2010

The gospel. The cross. The kingdom. The church. Greg Gilbert and C.J. Mahaney discuss all this and more.

Book Review: Stealing Sheep, by William Chadwick

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.05.2010

Chadwick’s book is a marvelous challenge to the widespread problem of Christian mobility.

Book Review: Decision Making and the Will of God, by Garry Friesen

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.05.2010

Read the book, but just make sure you’re not convinced of the stupidity of the regulative principle by that one-page section.

Book Review: God So Loved the World, by Fisher Humphreys and Paul Robertson

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.05.2010

To be quite honest, I believe a comprehensive look at Baptist history would reveal plainly that Baptists historically have been largely a Calvinistic people.

Book Review: Into the Future, by Elmer Towns and Warren Bird

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.05.2010

The danger of trying to survey and summarize so many different books on so many different topics is that you will have neither space nor focus to deal with any of the issues well.

Book Review: The Church of Irresistible Influence, by Robert Lewis

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.05.2010

So long as the reader keeps in mind that community service cannot be the goal of the Christian life, Lewis’s book makes some helpful points.

Book Review: Found: God’s Will, by John MacArthur

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.05.2010

Never assume that God wants you to follow a desire that is contrary to any principle laid out in His Word.

The Church on the Other Side, by Brian McLaren

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.03.2010

I can appreciate Brian McLaren’s determination to think about postmodernism, but I do think he has surrendered far too much.

Book Review: Evangelicalism Divided, by Iain Murray

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.03.2010

Murray’s charge is that Christian leaders in the latter half of the 1900’sforgot that the most important question the church must ask is “What is a Christian?”

Book Review: Where Do We Go From Here?, by Ralph Neighbour

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.03.2010

The structure of cell churches the author proposes seems to me to surrender far too much of what it means to be a church.

Book Review: Finding God’s Will, by J. I. Packer

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.03.2010

J. I. Packer’s Finding God’s Will is a very useful and characteristically careful study of guidance in the New Testament.

Book Review: God’s Will and the Christian, by R. C. Sproul

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.03.2010

This is a very useful book, especially for the theologically astute seeker of God’s will.

Book Review: In Search of Authentic Faith, by Steve Rabey

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.03.2010

The book is, for the most part, an unquestioning, uncritical, and naively approving tribute to anything that could pass as “creative.”

Book Review: Reforming Pastoral Ministry, ed. by John Armstrong

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.03.2010

John Armstrong has compiled a book called Reforming Pastoral Ministry that is a well-placed and much-needed dart in the balloon of the church growth movement.

Book Review: The Church Beyond the Congregation, by James Thwaites

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.03.2010

James Thwaites is a sobering example of what can happen when we allow a philosophy or idea to gain ascendancy in our minds, and only then ask the Scriptures to agree with us.