Greg Gilbert

The Church on the Other Side, by Brian McLaren

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.03.2010

I can appreciate Brian McLaren’s determination to think about postmodernism, but I do think he has surrendered far too much.

Book Review: Evangelicalism Divided, by Iain Murray

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.03.2010

Murray’s charge is that Christian leaders in the latter half of the 1900’sforgot that the most important question the church must ask is “What is a Christian?”

Book Review: Where Do We Go From Here?, by Ralph Neighbour

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.03.2010

The structure of cell churches the author proposes seems to me to surrender far too much of what it means to be a church.

Book Review: Finding God’s Will, by J. I. Packer

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.03.2010

J. I. Packer’s Finding God’s Will is a very useful and characteristically careful study of guidance in the New Testament.

Book Review: God’s Will and the Christian, by R. C. Sproul

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.03.2010

This is a very useful book, especially for the theologically astute seeker of God’s will.

Book Review: In Search of Authentic Faith, by Steve Rabey

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.03.2010

The book is, for the most part, an unquestioning, uncritical, and naively approving tribute to anything that could pass as “creative.”

Book Review: Reforming Pastoral Ministry, ed. by John Armstrong

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.03.2010

John Armstrong has compiled a book called Reforming Pastoral Ministry that is a well-placed and much-needed dart in the balloon of the church growth movement.

Book Review: The Church Beyond the Congregation, by James Thwaites

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.03.2010

James Thwaites is a sobering example of what can happen when we allow a philosophy or idea to gain ascendancy in our minds, and only then ask the Scriptures to agree with us.

Book Review: The Gathered and Scattered Church, by Edward Hammett

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.03.2010

Jesus never made social problems or social action His overriding concern. Hammett needs either to understand that, or at least to write it, more clearly.

Book Review: The Jesus I Never Knew, by Philip Yancey

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.03.2010

This is indeed a day when novel ideas about Jesus are frequent and fashionable, but far from correcting those errors, this book only serves to make them even more acute.

The Peacemaker, by Ken Sande

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.03.2010

Sande has given the church a helpful guide on how the church can better bear out her testimony to the life-changing power of her Savior.

Book Review: The Prayer of Jabez, by Bruce Wilkinson

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.03.2010

The theology of prayer that Wilkinson teaches in the book is entirely unconnected to the Christian gospel.

Book Review: Finding the Will of God, by Bruce Waltke

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.03.2010

Waltke’s book is useful, and it’s probably worth the price of purchase just for the section on divination and modern practices of “finding God’s will.”

Book Review: Houses That Change the World, by Wolfgang Simson

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.02.2010

Like so many before and beside him, Simson believes we need a major reformulation of the church’s life and structure.

What Would Athanasius Do: Is The Great Tradition Enough?

By Greg Gilbert | 9Marks Journal: A New Evangelical Liberalism | 03.01.2010

At the end of the day the Great Tradition, at least defined as the words of those creeds, simply isn’t going to be enough to ground Christian unity.