Gregg R. Allison

Two Views on Church Authority: Protestant vs. Roman Catholic

By Gregg R. Allison | 9Marks Journal: The Reformation and Your Church | 09.26.2017

Think of a three-legged stool. Now imaginatively label one of those legs “Scripture,” label the second leg “Tradition,” and label the third leg “Magisterium.”

How a Roman Catholic View of Church Authority Compares to a Protestant View

By Gregg R. Allison | 9Marks Journal: Authority: God's Good and Dangerous Gift | 09.30.2016

What’s the difference between a Protestant understanding of local church authority and a Roman Catholic one?

6 Reasons to Confess Your Faith Corporately

By Gregg R. Allison | 05.19.2016

These days, it’s hard to find churches with a strong and public commitment to their confessions of faith. That should change.

Theological Defense of Multi-Site

By Gregg R. Allison | 9Marks Journal: Multi-site Churches | 02.26.2010

How strong are the biblical, theological, historical, and missional arguments used by advocates of multi-site churches?