Jared C. Wilson

The Other Christ-Centered Joys of Heaven: An All-Things Vision of the Christian Afterlife

By Jared C. Wilson | 9Marks Journal: Heaven: Rejoicing in Future Glory | 12.22.2020

What joy it will be to finally see, hear, touch, and taste things as God truly and eternally intended!

“Thou Shalt Not Steal” and Other Sermon Points I Didn’t Make Up: Some Thoughts on Pastoral Plagiarism

By Jared C. Wilson | 9Marks Journal: What's Wrong With Gospel-Centered Preaching Today? | 03.31.2020

Pastoral plagiarism matters because worship in “spirit and truth” (Jn. 4:24) matters. Plagiarized preaching is in fact a big deal. How do we know that?

Can We Restore Pastors After Sexual Sin: A Longer Answer

By Jared C. Wilson | 9Marks Journal: The Pastor and Pornography | 10.30.2018

When a pastor has disqualified himself from his ministry, is he disqualified from ministry altogether? If so, for how long? Forever? Can he ever be restored? If so, how soon?

Why Knowing Your Flock Is Critical to Meaningful Preaching

By Jared C. Wilson | 9Marks Journal: Expositional Preaching | 06.02.2015

The ministry of preaching cannot be divorced from the ministry of soul care because it’s an extension of soul care.

The Beauty of Conversion

By Jared C. Wilson | 9Marks Journal: The Underestimated Doctrine of Conversion | 02.29.2012

The most important thing about doctrine is not whether it’s ugly or beautiful, but false or true. That said, the true doctrine of Christian conversion is just plain beautiful.