Jenny Manley

Book Review: Help! I’m Married to My Pastor, by Jani Ortlund

Review by Jenny Manley | 01.28.2021

This book reminded me that the sacrifices of ministry are small in comparison to the great privilege it is to have a front row seat to the work the Lord is doing.

Book Review: Teach Us to Want, by Jen Pollock Michel

Review by Jenny Manley | 02.11.2015

Michel’s book provides a guide for the believer as they figure out what to do with those desires that did not die when placed on a shelf.

Why We Need the Church

By Jenny Manley | 11.20.2014

The statement “I love Jesus; I just don’t care for the church” does not make sense when we understand the church is a gift given to the people of God for the glory of God.

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