Jeramie Rinne

Episode 215: On Pastoring Through a Hurricane (with Jeramie Rinne)

By J. Rinne, J. Leeman | 10.25.2022

Jonathan chat with Jeramie Rinne, a pastor whose church building was destroyed by last month’s Hurricane Ian.

Assessment Questions for New Elder Candidates

By Jeramie Rinne | 10.04.2022

What kinds of questions do you ask to assess the readiness of a prospective elder?

I Disagree With My Pastor. What Should I Do?

By Jeramie Rinne | 08.05.2020

I disagree with something my pastor said. What should I do?

Why Mature Christians Need Gospel-Centered Preaching

By Jeramie Rinne | 9Marks Journal: What's Wrong With Gospel-Centered Preaching Today? | 03.30.2020

In my experience, mature believers not only need gospel-centered preaching, but in fact savor it. Here’s four things this type of preaching does for those grown-up in their faith.

What Does the Phrase Husband of One Wife imply

In 1 Timothy 3:2, What Does the Phrase “Husband of One Wife” Imply?

By Jeramie Rinne | 01.29.2020

Does the phrase “husband of one wife” mean that an unmarried or divorced man cannot serve as an elder or pastor?

How quickly should a pastor make changes - Jeramie Rinne

How Quickly Should Pastors Change Things?

By Jeramie Rinne | 11.07.2019

Generally speaking, you should change things at a rate the people you’re ministering to will understand, and not feel like they’re being railroaded. Sadly, most young pastors tend to move too quickly.

6 Reasons You Should Preach through Acts

By Jeramie Rinne | 10.07.2019

The book of Acts is the narrative of how God’s end-times promises have begun to be fulfilled by the risen Lord Jesus through the Spirit-empowered apostolic preaching of the gospel to all people and the establishing of local churches.

Pastors Talk episode On Church Elders

Episode 96: On Church Elders (with Jeramie Rinne)

By J. Rinne, J. Leeman | 09.17.2019

In this episode of Pastors’ Talk, Jonathan chats with Jeramie Rinne about church elders.

Mailbag #88: Must Elders Agree on Tongues & Prophecy? . . . How Can We Wisely Hire a Pastor from Outside the Church?

By D. Russell, J. Rinne | 08.09.2019

— How much agreement must elders have on the issue of tongues and prophecy? — In a congregational church, how should we hire a new pastor from the outside? How can we give enough time for the church to properly vet the candidate?

Mailbag #85: Should I Baptize Young People in My Congregation? . . . Is Intinction a Biblical Practice?

By B. Johnson, J. Rinne | 06.28.2019

—How should pastors think about baptizing young people? — Is the practice of intinction biblical?

Why is it so important for pastors to cultivate humility?

Why is it so important for pastors to cultivate humility?

By Jeramie Rinne | 06.12.2019

Humility is critical for pastors because leadership means our weaknesses are just as visible as our strengths. Humility shapes how we react to criticism.

Mailbag #82: How to Confront Those Who Rarely Attend Church . . . How Does 1 Timothy 5:17’s “Double Honor” Apply to Non-Staff Elders?

By A. Duty, J. Rinne | 04.26.2019

— How should pastors confront members or regular attenders who are mere consumers or whose attendance is inconsistent? — How do you apply 1 Timothy 5:17’s “double honor” to non-paid elders? Is it even right to use this passage when determining paid elder compensation?

Jeramie Rinne

Biblical Christianity Is Better than Cross-Cultural

By Jeramie Rinne | 02.27.2019

Fundamentally, biblical Christianity is not cross-cultural, but supra-cultural. It’s not about “my culture” vs. “your culture,” but the culture of the kingdom of God.

How Unconditional Election Sustains Pastoral Ministry

How Unconditional Election Sustains Pastoral Ministry

By Jeramie Rinne | 9Marks Journal: Ecclesiology for Calvinists | 02.05.2019

The theological framework commonly called “Calvinism,” and the doctrine of unconditional election in particular, has profoundly shaped my understanding of success in ministry and sustained me through the toil of shepherding.

Church Elders

By Jeramie Rinne

How to Shepherd God’s People Like Jesus What does effective church leadership look like? In this conversational book, pastor Jeramie Rinne sets forth an easy-to-understand “job description” for elders drawn … keep reading…

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