John Lee

How to Redeem Your Singles Ministry

By John Lee | 9Marks Journal: The Church's Ministries | 12.14.2022

How do you care for the singles of your church without them feeling like they’re attending a Christian speed-dating event?

Love for the Immigrant Church is Patient

By John Lee | 08.02.2022

Some in the immigrant-church conversation are tired and ready to quit. Others insist on immediate change. How should we approach this discussion?

How Should Immigrant Congregations Who Speak Different Languages Relate to One Another?

By John Lee | 07.11.2022

Could the way congregations of different languages relate to one another be informed by how denominations connect churches?

How to Have Fruitful Conversations About the Immigrant Church

By John Lee | 07.01.2022

Having a productive conversation about the immigrant church requires both cultural and ecclesiological fluency.

The State of the Immigrant Church

By John Lee | 02.03.2020

It seems many immigrant churches are in the midst of a divorce. Why?

Confessing Sin Is Always Awkward, Sometimes Costly, and Absolutely Worth It

By John Lee | 07.22.2019

It’s true. Confession could cost your reputation. It could result in an awkward conversation. But freedom in the gracious, holy light of God is priceless.