Jonathan Leeman

The Gospel: Not News or Story but News Story

By Jonathan Leeman | 08.21.2014

A lot of conversations about the gospel in recent years seem to go back to whether the gospel is a proposition or a story. Several years ago, I kept hearing people pit God-man-Christ-response (proposition) against creation-fall-redemption-consummation (story). Few people—I hope—still try to make those butt heads, but recognize that they serve different purposes. More recently Scot McKnight has offered […]

Bottom-Up Leadership

By Jonathan Leeman | 08.21.2014

Being a good leader also means learning how to lead from the bottom up. It means being a foundation, a buttress, a platform for the activity of others.

Biblical Theology: Guardian and Guide of the Church

Summer 2014
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How Biblical Theology Guards and Guides Churches

By Jonathan Leeman | 9Marks Journal: Biblical Theology: Guardian and Guide of the Church | 08.20.2014

Right biblical theology offers a trustworthy guide to life in the church, and guards against wrong emphases, wrong expectations, and a wrong gospel.

FAQ on Elder Ratio

By Jonathan Leeman | 07.20.2014

To:                   The members of Capitol Hill Baptist Church From:              Jonathan Leeman, for the CHBC elders Date:               July 20, 2014 The elders of Capitol Hill Baptist propose the following motion to the members of CHBC: We recommend removing the following phrase from article 5, section 2, of our church constitution: “A majority of the […]

Leadership Interview with Mark Dever

Raising Up Leaders

By J. Leeman, M. Dever | 07.01.2014

Mark Dever answers Jonathan Leeman’s questions about his strategies for raising up elders in the church.

To Godly Seminary Professors Everywhere

By Jonathan Leeman | 06.16.2014

This is a letter to any of you who are godly seminary professors. I’ve want to write you about this for a while now. What sparked it recently is the announcement of a new biography on G. E. Ladd. Apparently, the biography focuses on the paradox of his life, namely, the fact that he did excellent scholarship for the evangelical academy while, […]

Transcendence and Immanence in Parenting, Pastoring, Evangelism, and Discipleship

By Jonathan Leeman | 06.12.2014

 1. Transcendence and Immanence in Parenting The topic of parenting isn’t something I choose to think about. It’s something that’s thrust upon me day by day, even minute by minute. Praise God for my 3 young girls. What a gift! Lots of good Reformed literature on parenting has been teaching me about training my children. But here’s something which some of […]

Mistakes Pastors Make in Practicing Church Discipline

By Jonathan Leeman | 06.12.2014

1.They fail to teach their congregation what church discipline is and why to practice it. 2.They fail to teach about and practice meaningful membership. This involves cultivating a culture of personal discipleship and involvement in one another’s lives in which people transparently confess sin to one another. This also involves failing to adequately teach what […]

Beware Your Seminary Professors

By Jonathan Leeman | 06.12.2014

A seminary professor is not the same thing as a church elder. That was probably the main thing I observed at last week’s Gordon Conwell Seminary conference “Renewing the Evangelical Mission,” which I attended with Michael Lawrence. Consider a couple of obvious matters: An elder is chosen (hopefully) for his exemplary character, his ability to […]

The Logical Fallacy of Centered-set Churches

By Jonathan Leeman | 06.12.2014

Everyone puts up boundaries. The inclusivist mindset of our day likes to think it doesn’t, but it does. It just excludes those who hold a little too strongly to something the inclusivist doesn’t believe. The so-called centered-set approach to doctrine and the local church likes to think it does not put up boundaries either, but […]

Church Disciplines 575 Members

By Jonathan Leeman | 06.11.2014

I recently asked Pastor David King who is a pastor in Tennessee about his church’s work of cleaning up their membership roles. Here’s the interview: David, I heard that you recently excommunicated 500 members from your church. Can this be right?  What you heard is only partly true.  We actually removed 575 members. Okay, why? […]

Word Ministry and Deed Ministry (1 of 3)

By Jonathan Leeman | 06.11.2014

  About a year ago, a group of us at 9Marks decided to meet together semi-regularly to discuss that thorny bramble of a topic—the mission of the church. It’s a tough topic because it involves you in all sorts of controversial theological questions: what is the gospel; what’s the relationship of the gospel and moral […]

Word Ministry and Deed Ministry (2 of 3)

By Jonathan Leeman | 06.11.2014

  At the risk of redundancy with the first post in this series, here’s an excerpt from something I wrote which explores a little more deeply this question of whether and how both words and deeds are “necessary.” The excerpt comes from Reverberation: How God’s Word Gives Light, Freedom, and Action to His People which should be […]

Word Ministry and Deed Ministry (3 of 3)

By Jonathan Leeman | 06.11.2014

Here’s part 1 of this series, and here’s part 2. Now, here’s part 3: The word “mission” gets caught up in this question about the relationships of words and deeds. Some people say that we should define “mission” narrowly—to admit only Word ministry (the Great Commission—making disciples and teaching) in its definition. Some people say that we should define […]