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Church Discipline Is a Rescue Operation

By Juan Sanchez | 06.06.2018

In the Bible, church discipline is always a rescue operation.

Knowing when it’s time to leave a church

By Juan Sanchez | 12.06.2017

How do you know when it’s time to leave a church? Juan Sanchez has some advice.

What do baptism and the Lord’s Supper have to do with the corporate gathering?

By Juan Sanchez | 08.29.2017

Baptism implies the local church gathering. It’s an act in which both the church *and* the new believer participate.

The Calculated Risks of Church Planting: Sending Your Best Members and Elders

By Juan Sanchez | 9Marks Journal: Church Mergers and Plants | 06.20.2017

No matter the costs and effects of church planting on the planting church, the Lord is always faithful.

Book Review: On Pastoring, by H. B. Charles

Review by Juan Sanchez | 03.09.2017

Have you ever wanted to sit down with a trusted pastor, ask lots of questions, and listen to the answers he’s gleaned over 25 years of pastoral ministry experience?

One Example of Reaching Your Multi-Ethnic Neighbors

By Juan Sanchez | 9Marks Journal: Multi-Ethnic Churches | 09.25.2015

Once one understands the place of the local church in God’s eternal plan, it’s worth re-thinking both ethnic-language church planting and ethnic-language ministry in general.

Pastors’ Forum: How do you equip women in your church for ministry?

By B. Johnson, D. Furman, G. Conner, J. Rinne, J. Sanchez, M. McConnell, M. McKinley, P. Martin, R. Fullerton, T. Mercer | 9Marks Journal: Complementarianism & the Local Church | 03.19.2015

How do you equip women in your church for ministry?

How to Reform a Sunday School Program

By Juan Sanchez | 9Marks Journal: Don't Be Too Cool for Sunday School | 12.19.2011

For many Christians, Sunday school is a staple of church life. But what do you do when that staple isn’t as healthy as it should be?

Book Review: The Color of Church: A Biblical and Practical Paradigm for Multiracial Churches, by Rodney M. Woo

Review by Juan Sanchez | 9Marks Journal: Pastoring Women | 06.25.2010

Woo has served us well by pushing us out of our comfort zones. He should be read by pastors and lay leaders, particularly those who find themselves in diverse communities.

Book Review: Being Latino in Christ, by Orlando Crespo

Review by Juan Sanchez | 9Marks Journal: Race and Ethnicity | 03.05.2010

Overall, Being Latino in Christ is a helpful tool for second-generation Latinos who struggle with their ethnic identity on a personal level.

Book Review: Multicultural Ministry, by David A. Anderson

Review by Juan Sanchez | 9Marks Journal: Family & Parenting | 03.02.2010

As a result of reading Multicultural Ministry, I will pray more, read more Scripture, and consider ways in which I can be a more deliberate reconciler.

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