Justin Harris

Why Pastors Need to Understand an Abstract Topic Like “Expressive Individualism”

By Justin Harris | 9Marks Journal: Expressive Individualism in the Church | 03.18.2022

In many ways, ministry in the 21st century West really is the best of times and the worst of times. Some unhealthy churches have fully capitulated to the rise and triumph of the modern self. Others have effectively rebelled against its influence.

3 Reasons to Preach through the Gospel of Mark

By Justin Harris | 08.16.2019

Preaching the Gospel of Mark as early as possible into my ministry may be the best advice I have ever received as a pastor.

REVIEW Church You Can See — Dennis

Book Review: A Church You Can See, by Dennis Bills

Review by Justin Harris | 04.18.2019

Bills presents a great case for uniting to a local congregation and receiving biblical instruction with brothers and sisters who live in your same zip code.

Book Review: No Quick Fix, by Andy Naselli

Review by Justin Harris | 09.17.2018

This book expertly exposes the dangers and errors of “higher life” theology.