Keri Folmar

On How Can Women Thrive in the Local Church (with Keri Folmar) | Pastors Talk, Ep. 166

By J. Leeman, K. Folmar, M. Dever | 04.06.2021

Are local churches uniquely difficult for women? How can women thrive our churches?

Joy for Joyless Pastors’ Wives

By Keri Folmar | 9Marks Journal: Complementarianism: A Moment of Reckoning | 12.10.2019

So if you’re bogged down and unable to see the importance of your ministry, get up to the crest of the hill and survey your husband’s work. The fruit he bears is the fruit of your ministry too.

9Marks at 9: Women and the Local Church

By A. Morse, B. Berrus, K. McCutcheon, K. Folmar | 07.16.2018

Equiping women to know what a healthy church looks like, and how they can work to build up the local church as members.

Do You Suffer from ‘Bible Anorexia’?

By Keri Folmar | 01.22.2018

Cutting-edge music, artistic videos, and clever illustrations can build a crowd, but God’s Word is what the Holy Spirit uses to build a church.