Matt Felton

Book Review: Growing God’s Church, by Gary McIntosh

Review by Matt Felton | 02.13.2017

But chasing after what works can become intoxicating Why? Precisely because it works! In fact, it can become so intoxicating that many pastors run right past the safety of God’s Word.

Book Review: Why We Belong, multiple authors

Review by Matt Felton | 08.18.2014

This book was written to demonstrate Christians can maintain their distinctive doctrinal beliefs through denominations while giving real expression to our cross-denominational unity.

Book Review: What Every Pastor Should Know, by Gary L. McIntosh and Charles Arn

Review by Matt Felton | 9Marks Journal: Is Scripture Enough? | 06.21.2013

This book is a wonderful idea, packaged in an excellent, user-friendly format.