Matthew T. Martens

Government’s Two-Edged Sword

By Matthew T. Martens | 9Marks Journal: A New Christian Authoritarianism? | 04.20.2023

To what extent should the government use its coercive power to enforce Christian ethics?

Pastoring in a Pandemic, Episode 17: What Legal Rights & Responsibilities Do Churches Have During a Pandemic? (with Matt Martens)

By J. Leeman, M. T. Martens | 05.26.2020

Tune in as Jonathan Leeman chats with Matt Martens about the legal rights and responsibilities churches need to know about in light of COVID-19.

Churches’ Rights and Responsibilities When Reopening in the Pandemic

By J. Butterfield, M. T. Martens | 05.26.2020

What are churches’ rights and responsibilities as they consider reopening?

Two Kinds of Sermons that Seem Expositional But Really Aren’t

By M. T. Martens, T. D. Martens | 09.27.2019

Too many sermons focus on the biblical text, but fail to exposit the main point of the scriptural passage under consideration.