Matthias Lohmann

Voices from Abroad: Biblical Faithfulness and Cultural Sensitivity

By H. Singh, J. Folmar, M. Lohmann, M. Prodigalidad, M. Campbell, T. Cantrell | 9Marks Journal: The Church Singing | 04.24.2014

Editor’s Note: We asked a handful of pastors around the world the following question: “You are familiar with American churches, yet you pastor in a non-American context. What has your present experience taught you about how to be biblically faithful yet culturally sensitive when it comes to selecting the songs that your church sings?” Their […]

The Birth of a Gospel Partnership: Evangelium21

By Matthias Lohmann | 9Marks Journal: Wanted: Apostolic Pastors | 05.08.2012

Here’s how a group of likeminded pastors came together to promote gospel growth in German churches. First step? Invite John Piper to dinner.