Matthias Lohmann

Episode 201: On Pastoring in Germany (with Matthias Lohmann, Lukas Stadt, and Rudolf Tissen)

By J. Leeman, L. Stadt, M. Dever, M. Lohmann, R. Tissen | 03.29.2022

In this episode of Pastors Talk, Jonathan Leeman and Mark Dever chat with Matthias Lohmann about pastoring in Germany.

Cleanse Out The Old Leaven

By Matthias Lohmann | 9Marks Journal: How to Build Up Your Church: A Guidebook for Members | 03.30.2021

Let’s cleanse out the old leaven of sin both corporately through corrective church discipline and individually as we fight by grace the sin in our own lives.

Should You Talk About Heaven When You Share the Gospel?

By Matthias Lohmann | 9Marks Journal: Heaven: Rejoicing in Future Glory | 12.22.2020

We should talk about heaven in our evangelism because it’s the ultimate goal of the gospel’s promise.

4 Reasons You Should Preach through 1 Peter

By Matthias Lohmann | 10.21.2020

If you want to help your people prepare for our rapidly secularizing and increasingly hostile culture, preach through 1 Peter.

How Can We Care for Our Church Members During COVID-19?

By B. Johnson, C. Mwanza, J. Wiesner, K. Edward Copeland, M. Lohmann, T. Shepherd | 05.01.2020

We asked pastors how they’d been serving their people since the pandemic disrupted regular ministry. 

COVID-19 Has Helped Our Church to Pray More Fervently

By Matthias Lohmann | 04.13.2020

God is good. He consistently uses circumstances that we might think are bad to bring about his glorious purposes among his people.

Voices from Abroad: Biblical Faithfulness and Cultural Sensitivity

By J. Folmar, M. Lohmann, M. Prodigalidad, M. Campbell, P. Harshit, T. Cantrell | 9Marks Journal: The Church Singing | 04.24.2014

Editor’s Note: We asked a handful of pastors around the world the following question: “You are familiar with American churches, yet you pastor in a non-American context. What has your … keep reading…

The Birth of a Gospel Partnership: Evangelium21

By Matthias Lohmann | 9Marks Journal: Wanted: Apostolic Pastors | 05.08.2012

Here’s how a group of likeminded pastors came together to promote gospel growth in German churches. First step? Invite John Piper to dinner.