Megan Hill

How a Praying Church Benefits Women, with Megan Hill (Priscilla Talk, Ep. 35)

By E. Wheeler, J. Manley, K. Folmar, M. Hill | 04.29.2024

In this episode of Priscilla Talk, Keri Folmar, Jenny Manley, and Erin Wheeler interview Megan Hill and discuss how women can bless their churches and benefit from prayer.

When You Long for Friends: A Meditation for Elders’ Wives

By Megan Hill | 04.30.2021

In your time as an elder’s wife, you will doubtless experience times of loneliness. You can take encouragement from the example of Paul that a desire for friends is a good desire.

Rediscover Church Study Guide

By C. Hansen, J. Leeman, M. Hill

Why the Body of Christ is Essential With the COVID-19 pandemic, changing priorities, and polarizing political and social issues, many people are now choosing to worship online—or quit church altogether. … keep reading…

Praying Together: An Invisible, Yet Vital Work

By Megan Hill | 9Marks Journal: The Church Praying | 06.21.2016

Corporate prayer isn’t much to look at. But it’s one of the most important things a church does.